The primary education program, implemented according to the Ministry of Education and Training program as well as following the "international integration" direction, prepares students for challenges at higher levels of education and gives them confidence in studying abroad. The program equips students with a solid foundation of thinking, skills, and knowledge with the purpose of training them to become global citizens.


With the 6 core values of Respect, Discipline, Integration, Honesty, Creativity, and Love applied to the school's curriculum, extracurricular activities, sports, arts and life skills programs, iSchool International Integration School system in particular always sets a goal to build a generation of students who are well-rounded in terms of physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and with a rich heart of love and Vietnamese cultural identity. All of these are aimed at educating independent, self-reliant and ready global citizens who can respond quickly to the fast-paced and challenging changes of the world today.


With the belief that "Humans form everything, education forms humans", the teachers at iSchool International Integration School flexibly implement teaching methods and organize teaching activities aimed at developing the character and abilities of students. To enhance the quality and effectiveness of education, positive elements of advanced educational models and methods are utilized, especially in the renovation of classroom activities. The organization of practical experiences and the application of knowledge in real life are emphasized, helping students discover and take charge of their own knowledge using independent and creative thinking.



Cambridge Standard English Grade 1 – Grade 2:

  • Able to communicate in basic English and sing simple songs.
  • Able to understand and use short sentences, and write certain vocabularies in a range of topics.

Grade 3 – Grade 5:

  • Basic vocabulary to communicate in daily situations with predictable content.
    Able to communicate properly at home, at school…
    Able to write simple personal letters (Letters of thank you or apology…)


    • Grade 3: Cambridge Starters (Pre-A1)
    • Grade 4: Cambridge Movers (A1)
    • Grade 5: Cambridge Flyers (A2)
Life skills – Life values
  • Self Protection
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-respect and Respect others
  • Exploring self-potential
Junior Achievement
  • Basic skills in personal financial manangement
  • Understanding profession diversity and cash flow from individual, family and community relations.
  • Understanding basic business concepts

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