In June 2016, the high-end international standard kindergarten project in Ha Tinh was officially implemented with a total investment of more than 30 billion VND, built on an area of more than 1 hectare, marking a new turning point for iSchool Ha Tinh.

In the school year 2017 – 2018, the school continues to expand primary education under the day-care model, meeting the needs and aspirations of parents. Currently, the school has been providing high quality education programs for more than 500 children of Kindergarten – Primary school age in Ha Tinh, bringing satisfaction to parents.

Constantly improving the quality of facilities as well as expanding the curriculum, iSchool system invests in the iSchool Ha Tinh International Integration School project on a campus of 10,000m2, bringing the total area of the school to more than 21,000m2 to continue expanding secondary & high school training in the school year 2018 – 2019.


The school has modern facilities, with separate classroom section for Kindergarten, Primary, and High school. It is fully equipped with facilities and also has functional rooms that meet study needs, such as computer rooms, music rooms, art rooms, dance rooms, and martial arts rooms. The outdoor play area for kindergartners is safe, clean, and especially friendly and close to nature. The school library is well-stocked with a variety of books suitable for different ages, and owns a peaceful reading space with ample light.

Semi-Boarding Services

To create a peaceful learning and working environment for students and their parents, iSchool Ha Tinh provides modern and convenient semi-boarding services. Students will be provided with lunch and recess at the school along with other care services. The one-way meal system meets food hygiene and safety standards, has diverse menus designed according to ages and seasons, and provides necessary nutrients and enough energy for students.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are not a mere subject, but a combination of physical activities, communication, and life skills. Regular participation in creative experiencing activities organized by the school is an opportunity for students to develop self-reliance and confidence while they are still in school. “Spring Love,” “Fairytale Moon,” “Happy Halloween,” “Sports Day,” “Reading Day” … are some typical extracurricular activities.

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In my opinion, iSchool Nursery in Ha Tĩnh has many considerable advantages: its a spacious playground, bright and airy classrooms with many window ensure a healthy environment for the children. Additionally, it is equiped with computer and camera systems, which helps its students develop their interests and talents. The kitchen and all its utensils are clean and well-maintained. Besides, what is more important is the gentle and open attitude of the teachers and the staff here, which truly provides peace of mind for the children and parents.


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